Speak and Learn Languages FAQ

Here you'll find some frequently asked questions with regard to language learning and Speak and Learn Languages.

If you have other questions, send us an email.

Why does speak come before learn in your blog name?

This was intentional.

The reason for it is that the best only way to truly learn a language is to speak it. A lot.

You don't learn to speak a language by reading or by listening. These are very different skills (important but different).

Who is Sarah K. and how many languages does she speak?

I'm a polyglot with over 10 years of experience traveling and learning languages.

You could call me a language connoisseur of sorts since I love dabbling in different languages and trying out their products.

How long has Speak and Learn languages been around?

Quite a few years but I recently took it over from its previous owner.

Which language should I learn?

Only you can answer that question.

Which language matters to you and why? Are you learning for a purpose (e.g. career, travel) or out of interest?

Best advice I can give is to ask yourself, "Will I still love this language in 12 months time?" If you're not sure, then I would advise you to reconsider.

Languages take time and long term dedication.

What resources do you recommend I use for my target language?

Keep an eye on my language resources page.

Still a work in progress but I'm working on expanding it to cover all the resources you'd need.

If you have specific language resource requests, send me an email.

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